Who are Connect Your Kids Ltd?

Connect Your Kids is part of Connect Your World Limited. Our aim at Connect Your Kids is to provide parents with the tools and information necessary to help their children become safer, more responsible and better drivers.

Where is the company based?

We are based in Pudsey, Leeds

How much will the product cost to buy?

The product’s RRP is £99 for the initial purchase and then £4.99 monthly subscription.

What does driver score mean?

The driver score provides an indication as to the overall driving quality. It combines all of the information gathered from the driving statistics – such as how many times you have exceeded the speed limit, the number of times there has been harsh braking and converts those incidents into an overall score.

I already have a black box fitted for my insurance – can I have this as well? Is there any value from having both?

Yes – you can have more than one device fitted at the same time. There will be no interference between the devices and you don’t need to let your insurance company know. The huge benefit of our product is that the data is your data and is there for you to work in partnership with your child to help them improve their driving and to help them become aware of what characterises good and bad driving.

Who will install the device into my car?

If you are using the OBD this is very simple to fit and can be installed in a matter of minutes by yourself. The battery mounted device will be installed by a professional fitter at a pre-arranged, mutually convenient time.

Are there any risks from having the equipment installed?

Your car will be fitted with either an OBD device which is simply plugged into a socket inside the vehicle, or with a hardwired device that will be professionally fitted to your car. The devices we are using are installed in thousands of vehicles already, so are very well tried and tested.

What if the data shows I have been speeding – will the police be informed?

No – as mentioned above, YOU own the data and the App is for your benefit, to allow you to review your child’s driving and help improve / regulate their driving. We will not proactively supply any data to any external party without your prior approval and notification.

Will anyone else be able to access the data showing where and how I have driven?

No – your data is stored using the latest security to ensure no-one can access your data. Unlike all other similar insurance products, with our product YOU own the data, so we will not share this data with any external parties unless we have your prior approval. Your data will only be used by the Connectyourworld group and its partners who deliver its products.

Who do I contact if I have any problems or questions?

If you have any queries that our FAQs haven’t addressed, you can contact us using the contact details on our website. We will endeavour to reply to your query as quickly as possible.

What saving do you think customers will get on their insurance by having the CYK product?

By choosing to install our product you are demonstrating that you are proactively participating in your child’s driving development and safety. This alone will open opportunities through our insurance partners for discounted rates. If, in the future, you allow the data from our product to be shared with your insurer then further discounts will be available.

What if I no longer want to continue with the product?

If you no longer want to continue to use our product then you can cancel your membership at any time. If that cancellation is within the first year there will be a small cancellation fee charge. After twelve months there will be no cancellation charge.


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Connect Your Kids is a parental guardian platform that allows you to monitor, educate and reward your child’s first years of driving.  Sign up today and successful participants will receive our clever car widget (retails at £99). Your data does not connect to, or involve, your insurer.