Dear Parents

The world in which we live – for better or worse - is becoming increasingly reliant on technology.

A multitude of technological developments can help:

make our lives safer

make our lives safer

save us time

save us time

save us money

save us money

What do parents want?

Technology can be confusing, off-putting and divisive!

At Connect Your Kids we have gone back to first principles. As parents of young drivers, what do you want?

You want to know they are safe.

You want to know where they are.

You want to know they are driving safely and responsibly.

Safety first

That is why we have used the latest technology to create a product that is completely focussed around the safety of your child.

We can’t guarantee your kid will be safe but we can help you to do everything possible to help them to be safe.

Help them to become more aware of the risks of driving.

Help them to be more aware of the impact of their actions and…

whilst they are making that journey to being a better driver, give you the comfort of knowing where they are and how they are driving.

Our priority for our product

It is about giving you the comfort of where and how your kid is driving.

That is why we have created a product that is independent of insurance.

It is your product, it is your data.

It is about you feeling comfortable and them learning to drive better.

What really matters most is the relationship between you and your child.

Get connected for free?

Connect Your Kids is a parental guardian platform that allows you to monitor, educate and reward your child’s first years of driving.  Sign up today and successful participants will receive our clever car widget (retails at £99). Your data does not connect to, or involve, your insurer.